Allied Bolt, Inc., a manufacturer of installation and poleline hardware used primarily by telecommunication and electrical utility providers, announced today that it has contracted Exact Software to implement and incorporate Exact SynergyTM with Allied Bolt’s current ERP system. Exact SynergyTM is accessible through a portal in Allied Bolt’s website, www.alliedboltinc.com

Exact SynergyTM is a browser-based application that provides a platform for online communication and collaboration. The application facilitates the sharing of information among Allied Bolt’s multiple sales representative firms, customers, suppliers, distributors, and employees. Each user can access real-time information that is stored in a central database. All users exchange information through a single source. Users have access to up-to-date order status, technical data, CRM data, logistics, and customized reports. Exact SynergyTM organizes and maintains documents. It also creates visible workflows to ensure that the status of every task is recorded.

Allied Bolt’s president, Glen Malin, said, “We believe Exact SynergyTM is the best vehicle in the market today for communicating with the myriad of contacts in our supply chain. Authorized users have access to a wealth of real-time information. Our users communicate through Exact SynergyTM over the web via a password-protected portal. By organizing and time-stamping all communications, Exact SynergyTM streamlines our processes by managing workflows and maintaining document control. ”

Exact Americas’ president, Mitch Merkin, said, “Exact Software is very pleased that Allied Bolt has chosen to adopt Exact SynergyTM as its way to collaborate with customers and partners. The access to real-time information that Exact SynergyTM provides will allow Allied Bolt and its partners to communicate effectively.” Allied Bolt plans on having Exact SynergyTM fully operational by the end of the third fiscal quarter. Distributors and representatives who are interested in having access to Exact SynergyTM should email sales@alliedboltinc.com.