HOLLIS, N.Y., June. 1, 2007 – Allied Bolt Inc, a New York based manufacturer of Outside Plant Hardware, proudly announces its new line of specialized Pole Steps for use on Fiberglass and Composite Utility Poles. In keeping with long- standing configurations used on wood utility poles, Allied Bolt’s new Pole Steps for Fiberglass and Composite Utility Poles appear very similar in design with some modifications.


Peter Wang, Engineering Director for Allied Bolt, says, “The new line fills a void in the growing market of outfitting Fiberglass Utility Poles. There are currently not many companies developing new outside plant products, yet alone products that fill such a small niche market.”


The line of Fiberglass Pole Steps is easily installed with a Linesman Wrench and a power drill equipped with a special Fiberglass Drill Bit. Peter Wang says, “This new collection of Pole Steps responds to requests from many telecommunication and utility providers for a safe and easy to install system for Fiberglass Poles. Many installers have used lip mounted devises that are less secure and can be quite hazardous.”


The collection is divided into three different models. Each model is equipped with all the hardware necessary for installation.


The three models are: The Working Pole Step, The Detachable Pole Step Mount, and the Machine Bolt Style Pole Step.


The Working Pole Step
This Step provides linesmen with opposing 5-3/4” standoffs for standing in place. The Step has Flanges with welded pins to prevent rotation. A drilling template is provided for easing installation.


The Detachable Pole Step Mount

This Mount provides a secure mount for standard Detachable Pole Steps. The Mount is easily installed by tightening nuts on opposite side of pole. Each Mount is equipped with a stamped plate, special headed bolt, round washer, and two nuts to prevent loosening over time.


Machine Bolt Style Pole Step

This Step is used in lieu of the Spike Head Pole Step on Fiberglass Poles. The Step is installed Each Step is equipped with a welded washer to work as a stop, one loose round washer, and two nuts to prevent loosening over time. The Step provides a 5-3/4” offset from the pole.


Contact an Allied Bolt local representative for more information.