• Allied Bolt Suggest Best Practices/installations notes:


    • Used in drop cable installations as an attachment to the strand for accepting the bail of Drop Wire Clamps.
    • Tensile strength of jaws and bolt exceeds 75,000 P.S.I.
    • Clamping range is from 1/4"(6.6M) to 7/16"(16M).
    • Clamp is comprised of a pigtail bolt, two jaws, and a square nut.
    • Bolt and nut are formed from Grade 2 Steel.
    • Jaws are rolled and stamped from 1018 tempered Steel.
    • Bolt and nut are hot dip galvanized to meet ASTM Specification A153.
    • Jaws are mechanically galvanized to meet ASTM Specification B695.

Standard Packaging Information

Part # Description Pkg Qty Pkg Per Carton Carton Weight
9055 E SPAN CLAMP 5 20 45


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