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    • The Squid Fixture provides an intermediate attachment point on round utility poles to support multiple fiber cable runs. The Fixture is designed to accommodate fiber drop clamps, regardless of whether the bail can be opened or not.The Squid also accommodates wire wraps and fiber ribbon suspension clamps.
    • The Squid Fixture can minimally accommodate the following:
      • Up to 12 fiber drop clamps (#906)
      • Up to 6 wire wraps
      • 4 long span drop clamps (#2107)
      • 2 flat ribbon drop clamp (#10085)
      • One fiber ribbon suspension clamp
    • Thread patches increase the prevailing torque necessary to remove the bolts from the fixture. This added torque resistance prevents any accidental disassembly of bolts from fixture during lineman access.
    • Fixture is coated with Geomet 720 that includes a topcoat thickness greater than 24g/m2 to provide superior corrosion resistance to hot dip galvanizing. The Geomet 720 finish is especially effective in preventing corrosion caused by interactions with chemically treated wood.
    • The Squid Fixture attaches to wood poles with a standard 5/8” Square Head Machine Bolt. Bolt head is captured in the recess of the fixture so tightening is performed on one side of the pole.
    • The Squid Fixture also includes three slots to accommodate from ¾” to 1-1/4” wide banding for attaching to concrete or fiberglass poles. Use one center band for low-load instances. Use up to three bands for higher loads.
    • Patent pending.

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