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    • Offers excellent holding power with minimal soil disturbance.
    • A two piece assembly that consists of a curved base plate and an integral unit with eight expanding blades.
    • The anchor is hot dip galvanized to meet ASTM specifications F2329.
    • Formed metal cavity on the underside of the curved base unit accepts the nut of the guy rod when assembling the anchor.
    • The blades expand in a lateral motion by forcing the curved blades against the curved base.
    • Anchor is for 12" diameter hole.
    • Manufactured from AISI 1018 Steel.
    • Holding strength per soil class:
      • Soil Class 3: 40000 lbs
      • Soil Class 4: 34000 lbs
      • Soil Class 5: 26500 lbs
      • Soil Class 6: 21500 lbs
      • Soil Class 7: 16000 lbs

Standard Packaging Information

Part # Description Pkg Qty Pkg Per Carton Carton Weight
19025 12" EXPANDING ANCHOR FOR 1-1/4" ROD 1 1 33


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