• Allied Bolt Suggest Best Practices/installations notes:


    • Used to attach station wire and PBX (Private Board Exchange) cable to masonry and wood walls.
    • Each clip provided with a 7/8" nail.
    • Clips are clear in appearance for aesthetics.
    • Strain relief gripping of clips on cable allows installer not to hold clip while hammering.
    • UV (Ultra Violet) light stabilized and weatherproofed to protect against natural elements.
    • Nails are formed from hardened AISI 1050 Steel.
    • Nails are zinc-plated to meet ASTM Specification F1941.
    • Clips are molded from clear flame retardant polycarbonate.
    • Smooth edges prevent damage to cable.

Standard Packaging Information

Part # Description Pkg Qty Pkg Per Carton Carton Weight
803 B2 MASONRY CLIP 10 50 8


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