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    • Used for making lightweight attachments (under 40 lbs.) such as terminals and back-plates of wall phones to drywall.
    • No pre-drilling is required.
    • The screw size is #6-32 x 2-1/4"
    • Wall thickness ranges from 1/8" to 7/8".
    • Fiber washer prevents anchor from turning while tightening screw.
    • Once anchor is set, screw may be removed as often as necessary without effecting anchor.
    • Hollow Wall Drive Anchors are comprised of an expansion sleeve and a machine screw.
    • The sleeve is formed from steel with a flanged collar at one end and a threaded section at the working end.
    • Flanged collar has two prongs which grip surface of base material to prevent anchor from spinning during installation.
    • As screw is tightened, the screw pulls against threaded section causing legs to expand and draw up tightly against the inside wall.
    • Hollow Wall Drive Anchors have a sharp point on the end of the machine screw on which a tapered plastic bushing is mounted for penetrating sheetrock.
    • Manufactured from AISI 1008 Steel.
    • Zinc-plated to meet ASTM specification B633.

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