• Allied Bolt Suggest Best Practices/installations notes:


    • Used for making medium weight attachments (under 250 lbs.) such as wall straps and other heavy load brackets to concrete, hollow block, and brick.
    • Double Expansion Shields consists of twin tubular sleeves bound together with a high tension spring steel band, which contain two protruding wedge shaped hollow cones.
    • As the anchor is tightened, the opposing wedges at either end are drawn in tightly providing full length, 360° expansion over a large bearing area.
    • Threaded cone side should be inserted in hole first.
    • Ideal for high sheer loads, or in situations where bolt is subject to side pressure or vibration.
    • Drill size is 5/8".
    • Sheild lenghth is 1-5/8".
    • Shear strength of sheild is 3600 LBS.
    • Particularly suitable if base material is of questionable strength.
    • Will not fracture under heavy use.
    • Permits fastening at any depth.

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