• Allied Bolt Suggest Best Practices/installations notes:

#4-6-8 X 7/8" D10 PLASTIC ANCHOR

    • Used with wood screws or tapping screws for making lightweight attachments (under 50 lbs.) such as cable clips and clamps, outside network interfaces (ONI), protectors, ground blocks, etc.
    • For use in concrete, hollow block, solid brick, and wallboard.
    • Flange is formed at top end to prevent anchor from sinking in hole during installation in hollow materials.
    • Two longitudinal slots are formed on the working end of anchor to allow each half to expand.
    • Minimum hole depth is 7/8".
    • The recommended hole diameter is 3/16".
    • Ribs prevent anchor from turning and to prevent pullout.
    • Not for use in overhead applications.
    • Anchor body is resistant to corrosion from moisture.
    • Molded from polypropylene.

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