• Allied Bolt Suggest Best Practices/installations notes:


    • The ABstrap™ lashed cable support is intended for use in lashed cable construction as well as for the support of cable at splices in the the aerial plant.
    • Consists of an extruded 13-1/2" plastic strap with a removable buckle.
    • No sharp edges on strap for installer to cut hands on while tensioning.
    • Easy installation: one wrap, no rethreading of strap.
    • Highly resistant to both UV (Ultra Violet) light and weather changes.
    • High tensile strength after fastening.
    • Locking teeth in buckle are hardened 301 Stainless Steel.

Standard Packaging Information

Part # Description Pkg Qty Pkg Per Carton Carton Weight
1070 13-1/2" ABSTRAP™ WITH BUCKLE 50 20 29


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