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Allied Bolt’s retail program for commercial fasteners offers a myriad of options for effectively marketing private brands.

Retailers may standardize on a product mix that is best suited to their market. Any Allied Bolt product can be included or excluded from the program. The retailer determines the content and focus of their individual program.

An array of packaging options is available (ie; plastic jars, plastics boxes, blister packaging, poly bags, chipboard boxes, plastic tubes, etc…). Retailers choose the best packaging solution for their needs.

Packages are custom-labeled to include the retailer’s part number, description, and logo.

Various stand-alone gondolas, countertop displays, and pegboard displays are available. Allied Bolt outfits these displays with custom graphics for developing private-brand recognition.

The Allied Bolt fastener program is unique for each retailer.

Please contact an Allied Bolt representative to help design a retail program that best meets your needs.